Workers’ Compensation Claims

Have you been injured at work?

You may have valuable rights to claim.

These could include weekly benefits while you’re unable to work, payment of medical expenses, help around the home, help returning to work or a payout from your employer. 

The law around workers’ compensation can be complicated, which is why we’re here to guide you through it. We can provide you with clear and detailed legal advice to help you navigate the system and maximise your compensation entitlements—meaning more money in the bank to help deal with your work injury.

All too often we hear of insurers declining to pay for things like medical expenses and weekly wages, leaving people with little or no help when they need it most. We’re here to help make the insurers do what they should have done from the start – pay you what you’re entitled to! Contact us today and let us chat through your situation. There’s no cost or obligation with your  initial consultation. And if you decide to go ahead, there’s no cost unless you win. As most injured workers are entitled to a grant of funding to obtain legal advice you won’t have to pay a cent to find out where you stand. 


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The content of this website is provided on the basis that it is general information only. The content of the website does not in any way constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. Formal legal advice should always be obtained. Contact us for a no obligation initial consultation.

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Our Proven Process to Make Insurers Pay

What You Can Expect From Schofield King Lawyers


It won’t cost you a cent

Fortunately, as a result of some legislative changes, Schofield King Lawyers are now in a position to have your workers’ compensation legal costs completely covered by the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO). This means that we don’t need to charge you a cent.

Like all compensation claims we handle,  Negligence claims processed through us against your employer (Work Injury Damages Claims) come with our ‘No Win, No Fee Guarantee’. Read more about our Costs Promise.


We’ll help check your eligibility

If you believe you may be eligible to make a claim, or have an existing claim, please contact us as soon as you can so we can discuss your situation. Our lawyers can chat through the specifics of your claim on a ‘no obligation’ basis.


We’ll help you lodge your claim

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience with various types of workers’ compensation disputes. Upon lodging a Workers’ Compensation claim, the insurer will determine whether they believe they are liable for the claim.


We’ll manage your claim

Let us do our best to make insurer pay.

Case Types

There are several different kinds of Workers’ Compensation cases, each carrying with them different investigation requirements. It’s important your lawyer has had experience with all of them. Your case may fall into one or more of the categories listed below.

• Building Site / Construction Cases

• Claims for Psychological Injury

• Employed Through An Employment Agency

• Cleaners

• Office Workers

• Nurses and Care Workers

• Tradespersons

• Warehouse Workers

• Emergency Service Workers

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Your allocated Senior Lawyer will discuss your matter with you

This will involve detailed advice specific to your case, as well as guidance on whether or not you have a solid case and should pursue legal action further.