TPD & Superannuation Claims

Injured or sick and can’t work?

There’s a really good chance an insurance company owes you money.

Though you may not know it, many of us have an insurance cover called Total Permanent Disability (TPD) through our Superannuation. You may have even taken out your own additional TPD insurance through financial advisors or other institutions, for instance, when you signed up for an Income Protection policy. If you have TPD insurance, you may be able to make a Total Permanent Disability claim subject to satisfying the criteria of being unfit for work under the policy from which you have insurance.

A TPD insurance policy can often be for hundreds of thousands of dollars – and in some cases much more. If you have had to stop work as a result of an illness or injury, then you may be entitled to claim this lump sum TPD insurance through a Total Permanent Disability claim.


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Our Proven Process to Make Insurance Pay

What you can expect from working with Schofield King Lawyers.



Let us find out if you’re covered or otherwise eligible for a Total Permanent Disability Claim.

We frequently find policies of insurance that people have been completely unaware of. It may also be the case that you have multiple policies through different superannuation accounts. TPD insurance can potentially be claimed in addition to a Workers Compensation payment, Motor Accident compensation and other kinds of compensation. If you’re injured, sick, and unable to work – you may have a claim!



By engaging Schofield King Lawyers, you are often able to  get your Total Permanent Disability claim paid out quickly, and often without a fight from the insurer.

However, the fact is that sometimes the insurance companies reject claims we think that they should be paying. We are often able to have the insurer review their decision in your favour without the need to go to Court. We’re also ready to fight your claim in Court should your claim have reasonable prospects of success and we feel it is in your interests to commence Court proceedings.


No Win, No Fee

We offer ‘No Win, No Fee’ and fixed fee costing arrangements for all TPD matters prior to the commencement of any Court proceedings.

This means there are no hidden costs, and you have certainty as to what you’ll be paying prior to us running your claim. If your claim needs to go to Court, we offer competitive, fair and reasonable cost agreements. We will only ever bill you if your claim is successful and you won’t be asked for any money up front. Read more about our Costs Promise.


Entitlements Paid

We pride ourselves on giving your claim the best chance of success.

It has been our privilege to be able to change people’s lives with our ability to have TPD claims approved. It’s been our pleasure to assist people and it’s rewarding for us to see client’s over the moon with having their entitlements paid out. Take a look at what our clients say!

Let us do our best to make insurance pay.


Super funds use a variety of funds to take out insurance for their members. Because of this, if you have TPD insurance, the criteria for making a Total Permanent Disability claim can vary. However, you can generally claim a TPD lump sum payment if you’re not able to perform your usual job due to injury or illness and can’t return to any other work for which you are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience.

This means that much of the time, in order to make a Total Permanent Disability claim you don’t have to be completely unfit for all work – just work for which you were suited to due to your past experiences. So if you can do some work but will require retraining then you may still be entitled to the payment.

Your disability does not have to be work related. For instance, you may still be entitled to make a Total Permanent Disability claim (TPD) if you have a fall at home, a heart condition, disease or mental illness which prevents you from working.

To get the ball rolling, we can perform all investigations necessary to determine any TPD or other insurance entitlements you may have. After advising you of your options, we then gather all the evidence we require for your Total Permanent Disability claim (such as evidence from your doctor and the completion of claim forms) in order to give your claim the best chance of success. We will usually create a detailed statement for you setting out your education training and experience. We then review all of the evidence and make submissions on your behalf as to why the insurer should pay the Total Permanent Disability claim.

Once everything is provided, the insurer will determine your Total Permanent Disability claim. It may be that the insurer accepts the claim and payment can be made. If not, we can advise you further as to potential action that can be undertaken which could include:

  1.     Seeking a review;
  2.     Providing further evidence;
  3.     Requesting an informal settlement conference; and/or
  4.     Commencing court action.

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