Negligence Claims

Have you suffered due to the negligence of someone else?

There are many types of negligence. Some common ones are:

public liability claim is when someone gets hurt in a public place or on someone else’s property because of someone else’s carelessness. This kind of claim can happen in many different situations, and it’s important to show that the injury was caused by someone else’s negligence.

A medical negligence claim can arise if a doctor or other healthcare worker fails in their duty of care to provide proper treatment and causes harm to a patient.  Medical negligence cases are often extremely complicated that’s why you need us a caring, compassionate and dedicated team that knows what they are doing.

Recovering from injuries after an accident is a stressful time. The last thing an injured person needs is to deal with the stress of trying to get fair compensation out of an insurer. That’s where we come in. We see it as our role not only to give our clients advice but also to take the stress out of the claim so they can focus on getting better.


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Often we will be able to tell you whether you’re eligible to make a claim during or shortly after your first consultation with our lawyers. Sometimes, however, Negligence claims require investigations to be taken out prior to us being able to advise as to your eligibility. Either way, we will keep you informed throughout the process – and we will provide advice as to your eligibility as soon as we can.



In running a negligence claim, we are often able to gain enough evidence prior to commencing court proceedings to engage in settlement discussion with the Defendant and resolve your claim. However, if the Defendant is not willing to offer enough, and we feel your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we are more than willing to commence Court proceedings if necessary. If your claim needs to go to Court, the matter is generally put onto a court timetable where you are eventually allocated a hearing date. However, in our experience there are usually opportunities to settle your matter along the way. Our job is to give your case the best chance of settlement and maximise your compensation. We pride ourselves on being well prepared and therefore getting the best results for our clients.


No Win, No Fee

We offer ‘No Win, No Fee’ and fixed fee costing arrangements. Read more about our Cost promise.


Entitlements Paid

If you’re injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, and you want to make sure you’re not missing out on something you may be entitled to, please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

Let us do our best to make insurance pay.

Case Types

There are a number of different circumstances in which Negligence cases can arise. It’s important your lawyer has had experience with the various kinds of cases as often different classes of cases require varying investigations.

• Building Site / Construction Cases

• Slip and Fall

• Home / Public Liability Insurer

• Pubs, Events or Venues

• Employed through and employment agency

• Medical / Hospital Negligence

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