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The best compensation lawyers Sydney has

Since 2010, Schofield King Lawyers have been serving the people of Sydney by providing the best compensation law services in the city. The firm was built to do compensation law in a different way. We operate to three core principles:

  1. Values: We take the values of the legal profession seriously, including the right to be heard and the right to a fair go. We are also here to ease the burden for those that are doing it tough – and to ensure our legal services including pricing are provided in a transparent, clear manner that makes sense to all
  2. Quality and tenacity: We pride ourselves on our astute legal work to ensure maximum compensation for our clients, and our ability to go above and beyond in delivering leading services.
  3. Technology: As a leading, innovative law practice, we also stay on top of technology so that we can deliver the best outcomes to the greatest number of clients. Keeping our procedures sharp means that we can focus on winning your case efficiently and maximising your result.

SK Legal’s Compensation Lawyers at our Sydney office

Our team of compensation lawyer are experts in the varying aspects of compensation law, including total permanent disability (TPD) claims, workers compensation claims, work injury damages claims, public liability negligence claims and motor vehicle accident claims.

How our team of the best compensation lawyers Sydney-wide operate

Often we find that clients believe they only have one avenue of compensation available to them. Sometimes this is the case even when they have consulted other lawyers! Our team excel in ensuring all possible compensation claims are being run. For example, many clients call, and indicate they have been involved in accidents that have been, or are the subject of another claim such as a worker’s compensation claim. They often haven’t been advised as to potential Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claims or work injury damages claims. As a result, our team of lawyers have frequently been able to identify creative avenues for compensation claims in order to ensure that every potential claim has been explored, resulting in a much better payout for our clients. That’s why we are confident claiming that we are the best compensation lawyers Sydney has.

Some examples of ensuring that all avenues of compensation are explored are:

  1. When someone is injured on a building site, it is often the case that the party at fault (or partially at fault) may not be that person’s employer. Many times people only run workers compensation claims against their employer but it should always be the case that a detailed legal analysis is given to the circumstances surrounding the injury. It may be that people have significant entitlements that could be overlooked. Further, it is often the case that the negligence of another party is not obviously apparent, and this is why you should have a claim which involves injury on a building site checked by our compensation lawyers in Sydney.
  2. Many people who are injured and unable to work have existing claims such as a workers compensation claim. However, much of the time they have not checked whether they have TPD insurance in their superannuation. They may not know whether they have insurance of hundreds of thousands of dollars or sometimes more. We’ve been able to successfully run TPD insurance claims when clients have had other representation and didn’t even know they had the cover! If you’re injured, sick and unable to work, please let our Sydney Compensation lawyers check whether you have any additional entitlements
  3. Cases where people are employed by a work agency who places them at a work place. The person may have a Workers Compensation case against the employment agency, but may be able to have a public liability negligence case against the ‘host’ employer.

Generally, time limits apply in almost all compensation cases in Sydney and NSW. You should ensure you get a local compensation lawyer onto you case as soon as possible. It’s another reason that we’re the best compensation lawyers Sydney has – we know the local legal environment better than anyone.

You can expect our team to comprehensively investigate potential causes of action and after getting a thorough understanding as to how the injuries have affected your life, we can attempt to settle your matter so that you can move on with your life. However, if an insurer isn’t willing to pay the money we think your claim is worth, we’re happy to pull the trigger and fight for you. We’re all about achieving the most we can for our clients in the most efficient manner possible.

Schofield King Lawyers to all injury compensation claims on a no win no fee basis. What does that mean? Well, if you don’t win, we won’t charge.


See our No Win, No Fee policy.

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