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Injured or sick and can’t work? There’s a really good chance an insurance company owes you money. It’s not something the insurance companies will often be forthcoming about, but most of us have a form of insurance cover built into our superannuation. It’s called Total Permanent Disability (TPD), and if you’d like to make a claim to it, be sure to recruit the best TPD lawyers in Sydney.

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“We’re often able to obtain large lump sum payments from insurance policies which clients didn’t even know they had! Anyone who isn’t working due to illness or injury should just call us to discuss”

– David King, Senior Lawyer

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What Can I Expect From Schofield King Lawyers?

Our TPD lawyers are often surprised to find how common it is that people are not aware that they have this particular kind of insurance – it’s a cost built in to the superannuation investment that many never notice that they’re paying. In fact, many Australians have more than one superannuation account, and therefore have multiple TPD policies.

How can TPD be claimed?

As the name suggests, TPD insurance needs to be claimed in association with a permanent disability that has left you unable to work. TPD insurance is therefore frequently claimed in addition to a Workers Compensation payment, Motor Accident compensation and other kinds of compensation. Chances are, if you’re able to make one of those claims, and have a superannuation account (as is mandatory in Australia), then you’re also going to be entitled to a TPD payout.

By engaging Schofield King Lawyers’ leading team of TPD lawyers, you are often able to get your Total Permanent Disability claim paid out quickly, and often without a fight from the insurer.

Insurance companies do try to limit payouts, and will often reject claims that they should be paying. Our goal, when acting as your TPD lawyer, is to get you the entitlements that you’re allowed, according to the insurance policies that – unaware or no – you are paying for.

We offer ‘No Win, No Fee’ and fixed fee costing arrangements. For more about our Cost promise, click here.

If you feel you may have a TPD claim, or you just want to make sure you’re not missing out on something you may be entitled to, please contact us for a no obligation consultation. Alternatively, begin the process now by using our virtual lawyer questionnaire (coming soon) to begin a case assessment. This can be done in under two minutes.

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