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Injured or sick and can’t work?

There’s a really good chance an insurance company owes you money.

Many of us have a form of insurance cover built into our superannuation. It’s called Total Permanent Disability (TPD), and if you’d like to make a claim to it, be sure to recruit the best TPD lawyers in Sydney.

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What Can You Expect From Schofield King Lawyers?

You can expect the best workers compensation lawyers Sydney-wide. If you need advice on how to make a claim or pursuing the entitlements you are rightfully owed, our team of experts in all forms of compensation law are here to help you from the start.

Upon consulting us, one of our senior lawyers will walk you through and assist you with the initial claims process, and do everything necessary to secure your entitlements if the insurer declines to pay you wages or for your medical treatment.

If you or someone you know has been injury at work, please contact us for a no obligation consultation. Let us do our best to make insurance pay.

Keep in mind, many of our clients are referred by previous clients.

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How Can TPD Be Claimed?

As the name suggests, TPD insurance needs to be claimed in association with a permanent disability that has left you unable to work. TPD insurance is therefore frequently claimed in addition to a Workers Compensation payment, Motor Accident compensation and other kinds of compensation.

By engaging Schofield King Lawyers’ leading team of TPD lawyers, you are often able to get your Total Permanent Disability claim paid out quickly, and often without a fight from the insurer.

If you want to learn more about the TPD claim process, make sure to read our article linked below.

7 things you need to know to help make a successful TPD claim

Our Costs Promise

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    We will act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for all compensation matters.
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    You will never need to pay any money upfront.
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    We will never charge you costs that leave you out of pocket.
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    Our cost will always be fair, reasonable, and proportionate.
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    We will only send a bill if your claim is successful.

Who pays the costs of medical reports or other costs necessary to run the case?

Sometimes we will need to spend money on your case to help make sure you maximise your compensation. These payments are called disbursements, and include costs of medical reports, expert reports, barrister’s fees, filing fees etc. These are necessary to make or enhance your claim.

Disbursements will be charged on top of any fees. At Schofield King Lawyers we have flexible options for funding these disbursements. In terms of smaller disbursements, the firm will normally be in a position to meet those as they come. For some disbursements, which may exceed $1000.00, we normally obtain funding and we are able to facilitate that on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

You will never need to pay any money upfront for the running of your claim.

How Do Fees Work At Schofield King Lawyers?

At Schofield King Lawyers, it is important to us that you understand how costs can affect your claim. In many cases the insurer or the other side will be responsible for paying a portion of the costs incurred in your claim. We act on a No Win, No Fee arrangement in Compensation matters.

We are open to discuss different fee options which may include lump sum and/or hourly rate agreements.

Will the other side pay any of my costs?

Depending on the kind of litigation, generally there is a rule that the unsuccessful party must pay the successful party’s legal costs. This means that if your matter runs in court or a tribunal and you win, then the other side must pay a portion of your costs. Conversely, if you lose you may have to pay the other side’s costs.

When a matter is settled out of court, then the settlement figure will often include the compensation value and an amount to cover some of the costs incurred. This figure will often be somewhere between 50% to 75% of the final costs that you will pay, with the remainder coming directly out of your compensation settlement.

There are some courts/tribunals that are ‘non costs jurisdictions’ which means that generally, costs are not payable by the unsuccessful party. For example, the Fair Work Commission or the Anti-Discrimination Board. This means that all costs must come directly out of any settlement.

In any cases we will advise you of the approximate value of any costs that will come out, so that you are always aware of how much will be left in your hand after costs come out.

We are open and transparent about our costs.

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