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“Without Scofield King Lawyers "No Win, No Fee" policy I would have received nothing from my deceased fathers estate. Poor people can't afford to fight rich people in legal matters without the help and assistance of Law firms like Schofield King Lawyers. A special thank you to Alistair Stewart and Sarah Warren.”

“Schofield King Lawyers have changed my life. I was always kept up to date on where my case was at. I was referred to them by someone who had previously experienced their service. I highly recommend their service to anyone seeking legal advice.”

“Schofield King’s strength lies in their transparency and honesty. They’re always ready to assist, and they extend a warm welcome.”

“I stumbled across Schofield King Lawyers a few hours before my unfair dismissal hearing. They put everything on hold for me and took on my case on. Also guaranteeing me their No win No fee policy, which was perfect for me as I was unemployed at the time. Not only did they make time for me on such a short notice, they were able to settle the matter in my favour. I would recommend Schofield King lawyers to anyone and everyone. They provide outstanding service and do go above and beyond for their clients!”

“Schofield King Lawyers quickly came to my rescue when an employer unfairly forced me into an unfair redundancy and did not pay my contracted entitlements. The experience, professionalism and diligence I experienced as a client is why I completely advocate the firm to anyone being mistreated in the workplace. Thanks to Schofield King I received a positive outcome without having to go through all the negative stress that can at times accompany employer – employee legal conflict.”

“Schofield King Lawyers ran my breach of contract claim in which my employer had not paid me as per a contract. I was really in a bad situation as I was rapidly running out of money with various bills to pay. The brief contact I had with Schofield king Lawyers made me extremely confident and my claim was in fact settled very quickly.”

“Schofield King Lawyers have changed my life. I was always kept up to date on where my case was at. I was referred to them from someone who had previously experienced their service. I highly recommend their service to anyone seeking legal advice."

“As somebody whom has never had anything to do with the Legal system I was quite intimidated by the whole process, however right from my first meeting with Andrew I felt in good hands. I trusted him to take care of me and do the right thing for/by me. My case was finally settled "out of court" with a better result than we first anticipated. This has helped relieve financial pressure and also allow me to pursue a new direction in life. A mere thank you seems insufficient...God bless your team.”

“I would absolutely recommend Schofield King Lawyers for their hard work, integrity and transference. I had a motor accident and have got hope from them and eventually Schofield King Lawyers made that successful for me and established my right which is really appreciating. I specially would like to thank David and Joanne who worked hard for saving my life.”

“There is really nothing to say. The proof was in their work. OUTSTANDING.”

“Alistair and the team professionally managed my case. Would recommend Schofield King Lawyers in the future 100%.“

“Best lawyers I’ve had for a car accident claim. Always there when you need them. I advise anyone who needs a lawyer for car accidents and compensation claims to go to Schofield lawyers they’re the best!"

“This was my only experience in dealing with a legal team and I found them to be both super prompt and attentive to everything in my case. Very happy with everything they’ve done for me and the outcome. Thank you to all the SK Legal team. Highly recommended.”

“Schofield King Lawyers were very diligent and understanding of my workplace bullying and harassment work injury damages matter after having gone through 3 different solicitors/legal firms in over 4 years. Without the immediate help, patience and support of Schofield King Lawyers’ Andrew McQuilkin, my family would have continued to suffer emotionally, psychologically and financially. This has given me and my wife the peace of mind we have been seeking for so long to begin our healing process.”

“I felt I was alone and doubtful however Jimmy from Schofield King Lawyers reinstated my faith of believing in myself. Thank you Jimmy for winning my case. It matters more than you know.”

“Right from the first appointment I was treated kindly and with empathy. Everything was explained in detail and I was asked not to hesitate if I had any further questions. All my queries were responded to promptly. I highly recommend Schofield King Lawyers.”

“I was referred to Schofield King Lawyers, by another lawyer. He told me that they would be the best, that they would fight for me and would do everything possible to help me win. He didn't lie. Jimmy and the team worked with me to help me get the best outcome possible for my case. It was so good, even I didn't anticipate it! Thank you to Jimmy and the whole team for your hard work and especially your patience with me when I was worried or stressing.”

“The care and advice I received was more than I ever expected and for which I’m greatly appreciative of. Thanks”

“I would like to thank all the staff for their care in the handling of my case, as at times I felt fragile in health but with the ongoing care and help I managed to navigate my way through always knowing that help was always on hand. Thank you again.”

“My experience with SK Legal has been very impressive, the professionalism in all aspects from their knowledge of legal situations and procedures to their efforts to ensure that I was kept informed as to the status of my case. I have no hesitation or reservations of any kind in recommending this firm to others who seek their advice and services. “

“Again, just wanted to thank Jimmy and his staff at the Narellan office, my case was tended to professionally and with empathy and understanding, kindness and all done in a timely manner. I would recommend you guys in a heartbeat, cheers.”

“Schofield King was a wonderful experience for me since I started long time ago. Their service attracted me best ever as like you are treating a family member. I think anyone can go for their service without second thinking.”

“Thank you so much for everything.”

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