Have you suffered an injury due to a car accident that was not your fault?
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If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle incident/ car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. SKLegal have a team of experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyers or motor vehicle accident lawyers who can help you in your car accident claim if you were not at fault. If that accident has caused you to become injured and that injury affects your ability to work or manage your daily tasks, you may also receive compensation for that impact.

Schofield King Lawyers are experts in all Compensation Claims arising from Motor Vehicle Incidents. We have a near perfect success rate and pride ourselves on providing our clients with expert advice, unmatched service and great results. We act on a No Win No Fee basis, only charging reasonable costs upon successful completion of your matter

If the matter resolves through settlement or proceeds to the Tribunal for determination, it is likely that you will receive some payment for each of the above heads of damage. There will also be an allowance for your legal costs in any settlement or award. At Schofield King Lawyers we pride ourselves in getting the best results for our clients whilst only charging fair and reasonable costs for our services. Any costs will be deducted from the final settlement and no costs are charged unless the matter is successfully resolved through settlement or judgment in our client’s favour.

You may be entitled to benefits from your car accident claim, including compensation for lost income, medical expenses, and pain and suffering (see below for full details).


We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service in a wide range of legal matters including representing people such as yourself in a court of law or via tribunal as car accident lawyers or motor vehicle accident lawyers, if we don’t solve or win the case, then we don’t charge you.

There’s a lot of rules and regulations in regards to accidents and incidents involving motor vehicles, so if you have been involved in, or were a passenger involved in a motor accident that wasn’t your fault, you should consult with one of our car accident lawyers or motor vehicle accident lawyers as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, enough time may pass as you are no longer eligible to claim.

The first consultation with one of our car accident lawyers or motor vehicle accident lawyers at SK Legal is free, and we’re always happy to discuss the issue with our potential clients and help them understand what we definitely already do in what can be a highly confusing and stressful part of the law.

Get in contact with SK Legal today to learn more about the possibility of your case and your potential requirement for a car accident lawyer or motor vehicle accident lawyer, or visit our page of Legal services to learn more about your situation and our services before calling us, but don’t hesitate too long! As in many of these cases time is of the essence.



In the circumstance where you are losing wages or alternatively losing money from a business because of the injuries sustained in the motor accident then you may be eligible to claim for economic loss. Economic loss is payable in a lump sum at the conclusion of the matter as is pain and suffering and that entitlement can be assessed as the matter progresses. Economic loss is still payable regardless of whether you are over the threshold for pain and suffering and we will consider what documents we require from you in order to prove your entitlement to economic loss. We confirm that the economic loss or wage claim is payable for past loss as well as any possible loss assessed in the future.


Medical expenses reasonably related to the accident are payable for the past as well as into the future. We note that in order to determine what future medical expenses may be required we will arrange for you to be seen by a specialist who can provide an opinion as to those future expenses including the costs associated with any proposed surgery, rehabilitation, medication and other types of treatment. Once again the medical expenses apart from those paid on an ongoing basis by the insurer up to the date of hearing is payable in a lump sum at the conclusion of the matter for future medical expenses.


In order for you to be entitled to claim for pain and suffering you must register a level of disability which is assessed in accordance with an American Guidelines which require you to exceed 10% whole person impairment. At some stage after the condition has stabilised we will have you assessed by an independent doctor who will provide an opinion as to whether you are in fact over that threshold for pain and suffering and if so then we will make a claim for that entitlement. If the Insurer does not accept that we are over the threshold for pain and suffering or alternatively provide medical evidence that indicates that in their view you are not over the threshold then you will be assessed by an independent assessor appointed by the Motor Accidents Authority who will then provide a binding determination as to whether you are over the threshold. If the independent assessor provides that determination then we will be able to claim pain and suffering for you.


The claim is sometimes available for domestic assistance where in circumstances where you are unable to perform work around the house such as household cleaning duties or perhaps in circumstances where you are unable to maintain the garden or the lawns and as such require someone to perform those duties for you. Those activities are then payable by the insurer at a commercial rate. Domestic assistance is usually a difficult claim to bring as it requires an assessor to determine that you have a level of disability that prevents you from performing work around the house. In any event we do confirm that we will investigate the possibility of that claim if it is available to you and assess the value of that claim at the time. If you are unable to perform work around the house and it is presently being performed by someone else in the household which is a spouse or child then a statement from that person setting out the details of what is performed and the hours spent performing that work is necessary. You are able to claim for gratuitous or non-paid help on the basis that it is performed at least six (6) hours per week for a minimum of six (6) months.

At this stage we will now commence enquiries in relation to your injuries and should there be any other documents that we have not already received then we would ask that you forward those documents to us that relate to your injuries so that we can consider that material further.

We confirm that once the insurance company has assessed the claim and has determined the issue of liability if they accept liability or alternatively accept liability but allege contributory negligence of less than 25% then we note that the matter would proceed before the Motor Accidents Authority where an assessor appointed by the authority who is normally a Solicitor or a Barrister will hear the case in due course upon receipt of the evidence that we will be looking to rely upon. The process in the Motor Accidents Authority is an informal process and we note that the assessor’s decision would be binding upon the insurance company and not binding upon us. Once the assessor has made a determination if we are not happy with the decision then we can have the case re-heard in the District Court provided we notify the insurer within 21 days of the decision.

If the Insurance Company does not accept liability or denies liability or alternatively alleges contributory negligence of greater than 25% then the matter is considered exempt from the Motor Accidents Authority and in those circumstances we must proceed to the District Court.


We confirm that under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 you do however have certain obligations. We note that you must lodge a claim form with the Third Party Insurer within a period of six (6) months after the date of accident. Thereafter we confirm that you do have a period of three (3) years for which to bring a claim for negligence and we note that we will investigate the possibilities of a claim in the course of that period.

Once the claim form has been received by the Insurer, if the Insurer accepts liability, then they will pay your medical expenses on an ongoing basis as and when required. With the medical expenses it is important that you have your doctor identify what expense is required and the reason for it as the insurer is only liable to pay what is reasonable and necessary.

After a period of time your condition will stabilise at which time we can then assess what ongoing rights you may be eligible for in relation to your claim. There are four (4) main entitlements under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 which are as follows:


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