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Workers Compensation Lawyers in Liverpool, NSW

If you want Compensation lawyers in Liverpool, look no further than Schofield King Lawyers. We are located in Narellan which is a short drive from Liverpool and plenty of parking is available. If you have a compensation claim, we’d love you to stop buy at our Narellan office for a discussion – even if it’s just a second opinion.

Jimmy Dufour and Denisha Govender at the Schofield King Narellan office.

With workers compensation claims, our office near Liverpool is able to:

  1. Assist making the claim on your behalf
  2. Assist in relation to investigations pertaining to a claim
  3. Assist you in circumstances where you have had a claim disputed or denied by a worker’s compensation insurer. This could include circumstances where an insurer has either:
    • a) Denied liability for your claim in its entirety; or
    • b) Denied a portion of your claim; or
    • c) Refused to pay weekly payment in respect of loss of income; or
    • d) Refused to pay you medical or rehabilitation expenses which are reasonable and causally related to your injury; or
    • e) Refused to pay lump sum compensation; or
    • f) Refused to pay adequate lump sum compensation

Our Compensation lawyers office in Narellan is headed up by Jimmy Dufour who is an expert of all matters in compensation law – but is considered by us to be the best Workers’ compensation lawyer in or around Liverpool – and perhaps even NSW. If you come to our Narellan office for your compensation case you can expect to be welcomed by our friendly staff there. As Compensation lawyers, we’re a little bit different in the way we handle things. Firstly, unlike many firms, you’re not just treated like another number. Our Compensation Lawyers will always form an intimate understanding as to the circumstances surrounding your case. Although we’ve likely seen many cases like yours, no two cases are the same and it’s important that we keep this in mind such that results can be maximised. We feel there are no NSW Compensation Lawyers that do this as well as we do. Just look at what our clients’ say. Secondly, check our costs promise. For Workers Compensation cases, we don’t actually need to charge you a cent as we are approved WIRO Lawyers. WIRO is like a legal aid for Workers’ Compensation matters. Our Liverpool Workers Compensation Lawyers can act on your behalf using WIRO funding and we won’t charge you any further monies for your Workers Compensation Claim. For all other Injury Compensation matters in NSW, we act on a no win no fee basis. This means if we don’t win, then you won’t be charged.

We find that for some compensation lawyers, it’s so easy for them to get carried away chasing dollars and the ‘fight’, and the people they’re actually doing it for are forgotten. That’s why we put you at the heart of everything we do and never forget first and foremost that we’re dealing with real people, with real concerns. We promise there will always be a lawyer on hand to speak to you. If it’s not necessarily something you need a lawyer for, you can always call our friendly staff who provide a heap of guidance to ensure you navigate through the NSW compensation system as smoothly as possible. Either way, you’ll always leave knowing exactly where you stand. And If you are around the Liverpool area and can’t get in to see us because of your disability? That’s fine — we’ll come to see you. We’re not just here to be your NSW Compensation lawyer; we’re here to help you in any way we can.

Lastly, if you have a denied NSW workers compensation claim, please take a few moments to see if you’re eligible for our ‘Ease the burden’ campaign where you may be able to receive a $100 voucher for groceries and/or Fuel.

If you’re in or around the Liverpool area, and think you may have a NSW compensation claim, come to see our expert Compensation Lawyers. We look forward to hearing from you!


See our No Win, No Fee policy.

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