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Schofield King Lawyers Campbelltown’s ideal choice for workers compensation claims

When it comes to workers compensation lawyers Campbelltown’s finest can be found with Schofield King Lawyers. Operating out of our Narellan office, we understand the local area and its people, and that’s why we fight so hard for their rights.

If you are looking to make a claim, or have had your claim denied, Jimmy Dufour, one of the best workers compensation lawyers in NSW, will be happy to see you, and hear your issues. Among the many workers compensation lawyers Campbelltown has, Jimmy is able to offer the most robust and full-featured support service.

Jimmy Dufour and Denisha Govender at the Schofield King Narellan office.

With workers compensation claims, our office near Campbelltown is able to:

  1. Assist making the claim on your behalf
  2. Assist in relation to investigations pertaining to a claim
  3. Assist you in circumstances where you have had a claim disputed or denied by a worker’s compensation insurer. This could include circumstances where an insurer has either:
    • a) Denied liability for your claim in its entirety; or
    • b) Denied a portion of your claim; or
    • c) Refused to pay weekly payment in respect of loss of income; or
    • d) Refused to pay you medical or rehabilitation expenses which are reasonable and causally related to your injury; or
    • e) Refused to pay lump sum compensation; or
    • f) Refused to pay adequate lump sum compensation

Even if you’d just like a second opinion on your existing workers compensation claim, our Narellan office is just a short drive from Campbelltown and we’d love to assist you.

Our workers compensation lawyers are approved by WIRO and can therefore seek funding to have our fees covered by WIRO. Generally the first step of running your claim will be to seek WIRO approval for the funding of your claim. This would include funding for any expert medical reports needed to run your case.

Once funding is obtained, we can then advise you in relation to your claim. What that means is that one of the best things about coming to Schofield King Lawyers for your workers compensation claim is that we don’t need to charge you for running the claim.


See our No Win, No Fee policy.

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