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Workers’ Compensation Claims

Have you had a workers’
compensation claim denied?

Let our expert Workers’ Compensation
Claim Lawyers take a look for you!

Read more about Workers Compensation claims procedures here.

We understand that a denied workers’ compensation clain can cause considerable financial stress.

That’s why we’re offering $100 fuel and grocery vouchers* to clients who appoint Schofield King Lawyers to take a look at their denied claim.

It’s our way of easing the burden.

Simply give us a call or fill in the form below and our team will seek a resolution.

Terms & Conditions apply*

Jimmy Dufour
Senior Lawyer

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Terms & Conditions

There is a limit of 100 ‘Ease the burden’ vouchers to be provided. The ‘ease the burden’ offer will only be made available until 1 March 2020 and no further ease the burden vouchers will be given out after this date unless SK Legal decides, in their absolute discretion, to extend the period of the ‘ease the burden’ promotion.

There is a Limit of 1 ‘ease the burden’ voucher per person.

The ease the burden package is only available to persons who either:

    • a) In the view of SK Legal, have a workers compensation claim where a dispute exists that can be, in the view of SK Legal, subject to a WIRO grant of funding. In that case, the claimant must instruct SK Legal Services to pursue the workers compensation claim and the provision of the ‘ease the burden’ voucher is at the discretion of Schofield King Lawyers;;
    • b) Have a compensation claim with another Law firm and Schofield King lawyers agree to act in relation to that claim. In this circumstance, the claimant must sign an authority to transfer and a cost retainer in order to be eligible for the ‘ease the burden’ voucher. The voucher will be provided at the discretion of SK Legal.

SK Legal have complete discretion to provide or refuse to provide someone with an ‘ease the burden’ voucher.

Persons who want to be eligible to claim the ‘ease the burden’ package must mention the promotion, in their initial telephone enquiry, or write the words “ease the burden” if they make contact via an online enquiry.
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