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When it comes to will disputes Sydney’s people can rely on Schofield King Lawyers.


“Disputes about estates and wills can be messy and stressful, especially since they’re often between loved ones. It’s our job to resolve the matter as quickly and amicably as possible so that your relationships and your entitlements are protected in equal measure.”

– Alistair Stewart, Lawyer

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Have you been left out of a will?

Unfortunately, it is the case that often people will make a will that doesn’t provide enough for those that really need it. If this happens, however, you may be able to make a family provision claim. When it comes to will disputes Sydney people have come to rely on the sensitive and professional capabilities of the experts at Schofield King Lawyers.

We provide free initial advice, in which we determine what, if any, recourse you have to take your claim further. We also offer a no win, no fee service, which we can, because our advice and experience is such that when we do advise our clients that we can take things further with a claim, we win over 99 per cent of the cases.

We are a small enough team that we can look at each client as an individual, and really spend the time we need to get to know them and the particulars of their cases. At the same time, we have the scale to offer our services around will disputes Sydney-wide. We take great pride in our understanding of the city and its people, and we work tirelessly to get the best result for them.

Our other goal is to make a stressful process as pain-free as possible. Will disputes often involve loved ones, and the dispute is often with regards to a loved one’s will. It’s in no-one’s best interest to draw this process out, and so, while some lawyers will seek a battle of attrition, our goal is always to get a dispute resolved as quickly as possible.

Client Case Success Story

Laura's Story

Schofield King acted for a client in a sensitive matter concerning her mother’s estate. Laura had cared for her mother thoroughly for a long period of time but in the final years (as is often the case) a number of other people began to come out of the woodwork. Through a few strategic conversations between the new people and our client’s mother, the relationship between our client and her mother deteriorated. When Lauras’ mother sadly passed away, our client found out that she had been completely ignored in the will.

We stepped in, and commenced a claim on behalf of Laura seeking a share of the estate on the basis of Lauras’ relationship with her mother as well as the years that she thoughtfully and lovingly cared for her mother.

The matter resolved at mediation, without the need to proceed to a full hearing. Laura was extremely content with the settlement that she received, and (perhaps more importantly) was glad to be able to put the dispute behind her and begin to mend fences with her family.

While it may not always be the case that parties in estate disputes want to be on good terms when the dispute is over, we treat each case with the personal relationships in mind as well as the ultimate outcome — to make sure that you’re all set on both fronts when all’s said and done.

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