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What is a Family Provision Claim?

When someone passes away, their assets such as money or property require a destination. Typically, this is governed by a Will. However, when no Will exists – a state known as ‘intestacy’ – assets are distributed according to specific legal rules.

Unfortunately, some Wills fail to adequately provide for those who truly need it. Alternatively, absence of a Will can lead to deserving individuals being overlooked due to intestacy regulations. If you find yourself in either situation, a Family Provision Claim could be your path forward.

A Family Provision Claim involves applying to the Supreme Court for a portion or an increased portion of a deceased person’s estate. This process is known as seeking an order for ‘Provision’.

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Eligibility for a Family Provision Claim

To file a Family Provision Claim, you must qualify as an ‘eligible person’ and initiate proceedings in the Supreme Court within 12 months of the death date. To check whether you are eligible, contact us today.

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What about Legal Costs?

We offer ‘No Win, No Fee’ and fixed fee costing arrangements for challenging Will and Estate Dispute Matters.

In successful Family Provision Claims, the court often rules that the Estate covers your legal costs.

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