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We’re a group of passionate, empathetic people who care about you.

The Schofield King Lawyers team at their Sydney office.

These 4 pillars are central to the way we practice


The Human Touch

For some lawyers, it’s so easy for them to get carried away chasing dollars and the ‘fight’, and the people they’re actually doing it for are forgotten.


Digital Meet Legal

Experience is something all legal firms like to boast about. Trouble is, it often resides with a few key people in the practice, most of whom you never get to see and don’t work on — or anywhere near — your case.


Hear What Our Clients Say

It’s tough choosing the right lawyer when you need help. We get that. Lawyers all say exactly the same thing: we’re all experts, leaders, the most trusted, with ‘more’ experience…


Know What You’re in For

Unlike others lawyers, we don’t time phone calls, we don’t bill in 6-minute increments, we don’t charge for photocopying per page, we don’t charge for an initial consultation, and we don’t have all the big overheads that other firms have.

We believe:
  • Everyone has a right to be heard. And we know the right questions to ask to make sure all of your story gets told.
  • In automating the ordinary so that you benefit from having all the administration work taken care of quickly.
  • Everyone shoud get a fair go. So if you’ve been knocked back by an insurer or another law firm, talk to us.
  • Being a lawyer is a privilage. Because for us it’s a chance to serve and back you up, right when you need it most. So we’re for the little guy, not the big pay cheque.
  • Most lawyers have forgotten why they became lawyers. That somewhere along the line, they lost focus on helping others and started helping themselves a little too much.
  • Small print should be written BIG. Because if something’s worth saying, it should be said clearly. It shouldn’t be hidden at the back of a contract or policy.

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We value humanity above legality.
People over profit. We seek justice, fairness and
the best results for you.


Be Heard

We listen to you carefully, sensitively and free from judgement.


Be Nurtured

The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming. Our lawyers will guide you through the process each step of the way.


Be Helped

We have a genuine care for our clients and strive to help in any way we can.


Be Represented

Face the fight, confident that you have the best team in your corner. We will do everything in our power to support your rights.


Be a Winner

We negotiate aggressively to get the maximum compensation for you. Our winning attitude brings winning results.

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