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We are the
people’s firm.

We believe everyone deserves a fair go.
We put people over profit.
You’ll get a better result with us.

We’ve spent the last decade representing underdogs against insurance companies and big businesses. In that time, our team has grown considerably across our three offices in New South Wales. We don’t plan to be the biggest firm in the country, but we sure as hell believe we’re the best when it comes to compensation claims. And we back that up with our 99% success rate and no win no fee guarantee.

The Schofield King Lawyers team

Director & Senior Lawyer David King

Like David vs. Goliath
– We’ll fight for fair.

David King co-founded Schofield King Lawyers in 2010 on the belief that everyone deserves a fair go, particularly those in hard times who are up against big organisations and corporations. This founding belief remains undaunted and our values of fighting for what’s fair and sticking up for the underdog has only strengthened with the addition of Directors and Senior Lawyers, Andrew McQuilkin and Jimmy Dufour.

We’re not the biggest or oldest law firm, we don’t wear suits or funny wigs to work, and you’d be more likely to bump into our lawyers at an MMA gym, playing Ice Hockey, or surfing than you would in fancy restaurants in the city.

We don’t talk “lawyer”

With our clients, we don’t talk “lawyer” and intentionally over complicate things to make us sound more intelligent. We get the law can be frustratingly complex; we practice it to win in complex terms and speak it to you in simple ones. We don’t like small print or the terms and conditions that bamboozle people. While we hate the small print, you can be sure that we bloody read it. You should see how long it takes our Directors to update their iPhone because they actually read Apple’s terms and conditions.

Director & Senior Lawyers Andrew McQuilkin, Jimmy Dufour and David King

Director & Senior Lawyer Andrew McQuilkin

We play to our strengths

The problem with most law firms is that they try to offer every service under the sun. We have intentionally focused on 5 specialist areas and have become obsessed with being the best in the industry at these 5 areas. Our team is extremely competitive, and fight seriously hard on our client’s behalf to get the best result.

We are where people need us

Another injustice we recognised in the industry was that people living in regional areas weren’t getting quality legal representation or advice, as the best lawyers are drawn to the major cities.

Our Directors Andrew and Jimmy opted for a lifestyle change and choose to live in Port Macquarie and Narellan. This means we offer the same level of service and expertise you’d expect in Sydney CBD, all across the state.

Schofield King Lawyers NSW Office Locations

Great advice at a fair price

We believe that getting help when you need it most shouldn’t be difficult, and expert legal advice shouldn’t only be available for those with the ability to pay for it. That’s why we proudly offer a no win no fee guarantee on all matters. This means that our clients can get our advice and representation with no out of pocket expenses. If they don’t win, they don’t pay!

Surround yourself with
the right people

Our team all share the same values, fighting for what’s fair. Most of the core team have been together for over five years. As we grow, we ensure all new staff share these same core values.

Senior Lawyer Christine Neufeld

Some Narellan Jets junior players cheer on the Newtown Jets at Henson Park

We’re proud to support local sports clubs and community events

We are proud sponsors of both the Newtown Jets Rugby League Football Club and the Narellan Jets Junior Rugby League club. For the past few years, our Port Macquarie office has supported the Ekram Yoga Festival held on the 14th & 15th September at the Francis Retreat in Bonny Hills, Mid North Coast. A keen yogi, Lawyer Christine Neufeld (pictured above) is a yearly attendee at the festival.

Learn more about our sponsorships here.

We’re the lawyers who make insurance pay!

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