“We often see people chasing payment for goods, services, or even just a simple loan. It can be tough to navigate the system, and that’s where we can help you. We believe it’s your money — you should have it!”
–Alistair Stewart, Lawyer

There are several legal avenues by which individuals and other entities can recover monies owed to them and to resolve commercial disputes. Time limits do apply so it can be important to act quickly and get in contact with experienced debt recovery lawyers in Sydney such as the debt recovery lawyers that are a part of our team here at SK Legal.

If debts are owed to you as a result of a commercial transaction with a business or individual, you may have the right to reclaim them; however, doing so will require the expertise of experienced debt recovery lawyers. If you’re in Sydney you should contact us now, because time is of the essence.

Similarly, there will be times when you might not see eye-to-eye with a commercial partner. These can be delicate matters because they can have a significant and long-lasting effect on the relationship between the parties. At Schofield King, we strive to ensure that your working relationships stay strong while making it simple and easy for you to protect your position.

There is a general process which our lawyers employ to ensure disputes are resolved efficiently and effectively, and any entitlements are received smoothly. If your requests for payment are refused, then the next step is for us to send formal letters of demand warning the debtor that legal action will follow.

If your matter cannot be resolved, proceedings can be commenced in civil courts, starting with the Local Court. In New South Wales, the Local Court will hear matters up to $100,000. The District Court will hear matters up to $750,000 and matters above this amount will be heard in the Supreme Court.

Schofield King and our team of highly reputable debt recovery lawyers in Sydney have run many debt recovery cases. Our fees are reasonable, we will help you get the best outcome, and we will make sure the process is as effective, efficient and affordable as possible.


Schofield King recently helped a commercial client recover payment of outstanding invoices from one of their customers. Despite having done the work to their customer’s satisfaction, that customer simply refused to pay for their services. After some time, the customer stopped responding to our client’s requests for payment altogether.

Schofield King sent initial correspondence to the customer demanding payment of the invoices, but those letters were met with more excuses and delays. We filed proceedings in the Local Court of New South Wales, and the matter was eventually settled by the customer paying the debt in full, as well as paying for our client’s legal costs.

Some cases will need to go to Court, while others can be resolved at an initial stage just by way of Schofield King sending a letter of demand. Regardless of whether the case can be resolved early or needs to be sorted out Court, we are here for you to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the process of getting what’s rightfully yours.


We represented a large financial client in proceedings that had been brought against our client in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The dispute concerned the sale of shares, and the plaintiff filed a claim worth slightly over a million dollars. Due to the plaintiff being self-represented, a number of complicated issues arose in the proceedings.

Instead of bearing the stress of the proceedings alone, our client retained Schofield King to address the plaintiff’s case. The matter was the subject of three hearing dates, and the plaintiff appealed the matter all the way up to the High Court of Australia. Despite the plaintiff’s adamant approach to the case, we managed to establish to the Courts that our client did not bear liability and the hearings were all decided in our clients favour — including the High Court appeals.

What can you expect from Schofield King Lawyers?

We’ll have a chat with you to figure out what’s happened. We want to hear it all: what happened, why it happened, how it affected you — the lot. We’ll determine whether you have a claim, and the prospects of that claim, and will advise you of the process.

Once we have an idea of the impact that the defamation has had on you, we’ll write to the other side to try to resolve the matter quickly and cost-effectively. If the other side does not respond to your satisfaction, we will prepare and file proceedings against the other side to get you what you deserve.

When the proceedings are commenced, there will be a few small preliminary arguments. We will keep you up to speed, but will handle these on your behalf so you don’t need to worry about them.

Ideally, we will resolve the matter as soon as possible without the need for you to attend a final hearing — but we will never recommend you take a settlement that is unfair to you. It’s your reputation, and it means as much to us as it does to you.


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