It can be traumatic and stressful when a medical procedure goes wrong or results in a worsening of your condition. This can be grounds for a legal case against the treating doctor or medical service provider. Schofield King Lawyers have run many such cases as well as failure to diagnose, as well as cases arising from failed or unnecessary surgery or treatment.

Whether you are making a medical compensation claim against a healthcare institution, a dental practice, a nursing group, a doctor or a hospital, engage Schofield King Lawyers to discuss your case with the peace of mind being assured in the knowledge of having the best medical litigation lawyers Sydney has on offer.

It is only natural that a person with a condition that has worsened will want to put the incident behind them as soon as possible. The possibility of a medical litigation claim dragging on for years is not a pleasant prospect, so it always advisable to obtain the services of a legal professional experienced in this area of law.

At Schofield King Lawyers the first consultation is free, meaning you can find out if you have a compensation case before initiating a claim. We also work on a No Win No Fee basis meaning you will never be out of pocket and we will only run a claim for you if there are reasonable prospects of success.

Medical litigation cases are notoriously harder to run and win than most other types of litigation, which is why you may not get the greatest response from other law firms. Don’t be put off by this. Make sure you book an appointment with Schofield King Lawyers to find out if you have a claim.

Please be assured that as it is you who have suffered the neglect, disregard, abuse or malpractice, our medical litigation lawyers will do everything they can to ensure that you are compensated fairly.


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