Let Schofield King Lawyers ‘Ease the burden’ with a $100 coles voucher for your groceries and/or fuel

If you instruct us to act on your workers compensation claim, and we accept instructions to act on your behalf to either make a claim, or challenge an insurer’s decision, then you will receive a $100.00 voucher to Coles for your groceries or fuel. At Schofield King, we know that denied workers compensation claims can cause considerable pressure which often includes financial stress. It’s our way of easing your burden. To see if you’re eligible for our ease the burden package click the button below.

(terms and conditions apply)

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Terms and conditions:

  1. Limit of 100 ‘Ease the burden’ packages
  2. Limit of 1 ‘ease the burden’ package per person per claim
  3. The ease the burden package is only available to persons who either:
    • a) In the view of Schofield King Lawyers, have a workers compensation claim where a dispute exists that can be, in the view of Schofield King lawyers, subject to a WIRO grant of funding and is at the discretion of Schofield King Lawyers;
    • b) Have a compensation claim with another firm and Schofield King lawyers agree to act in relation to that claim. In this circumstance, the claimant must sign an authority to transfer and a cost retainer in order to be eligible for the ‘ease the burden’ package.
  4. Schofield King lawyers have complete discretion to refuse to provide someone with an ‘ease the burden’ package.
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